Cross-Road at the End of a Story

Help me out here.

I am writing a story that centres on a serious workplace accident and stay in hospital. My character recovers, realizes how fragile life is,  and uses the experience to get his life together. I finished the story that way.

Then I realized there was another theme and possibly another ending to the story. The character reflects on WHY THE ACCIDENT HAPPENED, and realizes it could have been caused by some unconscious problems in his life that he had been ignoring. As the story is written now, he fixes one of the problems when he gets his life together, but ignores the other, a huge one, and what I have not written problem comes to consciousness a dozen years later and wrecks his life.

Could the story have two endings,?or should I keep the first, positive one? or the second, negative one? or should I keep the accident/life-wrecking thread for a separate story?