I’m Talking About Stedmond Pardy

Just received emailed PDF’s of two illustrated chapbooks by the outstanding, one-of-a-kind, original-voiced, surrealist lyric-poet of a kind never seen since Vachel Lindsay. I’m talking about Stedmond Pardy. Here are the very first few lines of the chapbook. Trust me when I say, if you’ve ever been in the room while Stedmond is reading, you will see see his elongated figure in a flowing robe and hear his fresh voice even in these digitally printed words,

“Wayne Gale “ & the Jeweled Snuff Box

Just as “They” were about to Kick In, Our
Gilded Bronze, Door.
A Figment of Your Imagination, Caressed
My Arm,
& a Shaft of Faint, Light, Drifted, across
Our DARK Shadow,
While Heavy, Computer Generated, Winds, Swept across, Germany.