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In my future is a new book of poetry I’m calling The Heart of All Music: poems about musicians and their musicThe poems are based on impressions I gathered from 500 live concerts I attended in the past few years. Live music excites my imagination. My imagination instinctively forms language that expresses how music stimulates me. That, and a lot of work, made these poems. Allan Briesmaster is editing my work, and Aeolus House will be publishing the volume in the Spring of ’18. Here are a few bytes.

On a Performance by Daniel Bolshoy

The Spanish guitar speaks privately in tones
rich as rosewood, sharp as cracking bones
that fall as feathers filling an entire hall

On a Performance by Valery Gergiev

Valery “The Great” flows ‘cross the stage
fluid as cat and—“BAM”–
the orchestra bursts into sound.

Valery “The Great” –yes– Gergiev
conducts with a toothpick baton,
his left hand cupped and quivering—

poles of a battery that joins Gergiev’s life
to each cell of his Kirov Orchestra
that fire like nerves in his brain.

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Stanley Fefferman

Stanley Fefferman

Whatever road unrolls under my feet is my destination. I know there will be poems by the wayside, mine and others, that I will post and blog about, but not so much about meals or governments or weather. The news I blog comes out of art and music and friends who tell me what's up. What does any of it mean? Let us figure that out as we go.

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